Colbie Caillat

Listening to All of You, the third and most intriguing release from Colbie Caillat, is like turning a page of a book you’ve savored for two chapters only to be surprised and delighted by what awaits in Chapter 3.

This is, first of all, definitely and unmistakably a Caillat gem. Those qualities that burst from the first notes of her 2007 debut Coco like bouquets of sonic joy, and flowered in 2009’s Breakthrough, emanate from every track on All of You. But now they bloom with a richness of emotion and insight that comes only when a gifted artist can channel lessons learned into her music.

Think about it: Coco debuted at No. 5 and raced its way past the multi-Platinum barrier. Her first single, “Bubbly,” caught a generation’s imagination and has become one of the best-selling digital tracks of all time. Billboard took note by naming Caillat its Breakthrough Artist of the Year. Fittingly, Breakthrough broke at No. 1 and was honored with two Grammy nominations; that same year, Colbie won two Grammys for her collaborations with Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift.   She has sung the national anthem on the kickoff to the 2011 NFL season and performed at the Nobel Peace Concert in Oslo. She and her original music have been featured in commercials for cotton and in ABC Family Channel’s “25 Days of Christmas,” whose theme song she wrote and arranged. Her embrace has stretched to include work for honorable causes including the Surfrider Foundation, Save the Music and the Humane Society, for which she has recently become a spokesperson.

Yet all of this was achieved by an artist just beginning to stretch her wings. Even as her music and disarming personality warmed listeners like a sunrise over the Western horizon, she continued to enjoy life’s adventures. All of these, especially a new love, have invested All of You with a depth that signifies an important forward step.

All of You is a more advanced version of me,” Colbie explains. “I like to keep my music acoustic, sunny and optimistic. These songs still have the bright feeling and California vibe I love. But they’re also songs that I write from my experiences.”

The most significant of those experiences involves her relationship with Justin Young. The two had worked together for years, with Justin singing backup at her shows. Then, as she sings in “Brighter Than the Sun,” “this is how it starts – lightning strikes the heart.” “He was in my band for two years before we noticed that we like each other,” she says, laughing. “I wrote most of this album about us, our ups and downs. All the songs are about life experiences, so I guess this record is more grown up, with a somewhat wiser perspective.”

That wisdom shows in “Shadow,” which she and Justin wrote about a friend not getting what she deserves from her boyfriend. It’s there too, in a different way, in the playfulness of the album’s first single, “I Do,” written by Colbie and Toby Gad. Set to an infectious, finger-snapping beat, it dances around the hallowed marital vow – all the way to an unexpectedly sweet, teasing finale.

“When we had video treatments for ‘I Do’ come in from directors, everyone wanted to do a wedding scene,” Colbie says. “But it’s not about getting married, it’s about saying ‘I love you.’ Really, it’s another song about Justin, about wanting to say ‘I love you’ to someone and still picture yourself growing older with them.”

Colbie’s escalating finesse as a writer and singer in no way diminishes the positive spirit that’s at the core of her creativity. But All of You spreads that spirit wider than ever, from the gleeful overlay of styles in “Favorite Song,” written and performed by Colbie, Ryan Tedder and the rapper Common, to the subtle country flavoring of “In Stereo and the flamenco-inflected “Brighter Than the Sun,” which kicks off All of Me with a full blast of beach-party energy and a lyric about being love-struck at first glance.

“I usually like to start my albums by easing my way in,” she says. “But ‘Brighter Than the Sun’ has a punch. It’s so up-tempo and happy. My manager actually requested that it be No. 1, and he was right. This song is awesome because it just gets people started right away and interested in what’s next. A different instrument leads into each part of the song. It never stays the same, which keeps listeners wanting to hear what’s next.”

Similarly, “What If,” also featured in the film Letters to Juliet, suggests that first loves, whether real or fantasy, can stir feelings that endure for years. “I’ve done it and I know we all do it,” Colbie admits. “You see someone from afar or you just meet them, and they look like the person you’ve always imagined. You start putting their last name as yours, like you do in high school; you write the boy’s last name as yours on your notebook. It’s a funny, cute thing when you’re daydreaming. But you still wonder, what if we were meant for each other? What if we were born to be together?’”

Perhaps the most revealing song is the title track. Written by Colbie with Jason Reeves, it addresses the subject of love built on such a strong foundation of friendship and empathy that it’s able to overcome even the pain of betrayal. “I didn’t hold back for fear of being embarrassed over what people would think of my writing or the person I’m writing about,” she says. “I didn’t hold back from anything because I think people need to be more honest and open in every situation instead of keeping secrets or hiding their true selves. That’s the concept of this whole record.”

Working with five producers and a cross-section of creative musicians, Colbie turns All of You into a self-portrait in multiple dimensions. But unlike many artists, seasoned as well as young, she demonstrates here that she has balance as well as a taste for pushing toward new territories. In a way she has never revealed before, she opens herself while also pointing toward where she is going in these 14 original songs.

“They say when you write your first songs, you don’t have expectations,” she reflects. “I just wrote the songs on Coco for fun with my friend Jason Reeves at home. With Breakthrough, there was a fine line of wanting to open your mind up to people’s suggestions while also staying true to who I am and what I want. Honestly, I don’t take the business as seriously as that on All of You. This is just more me than anything I’ve done.


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  1. candela

    Hi colbie! i´m candela from Argentina and i´m asking when are you coming here! we love you, we are waiting you sweetheart! please come here and make us happy!
    I love youuuuuuu
    Cande from Argentina :)

  2. Katie

    I am SO excited to see you perform this week. Ive been waiting for years:)Truly an inspiration!


    I really appreciate you, Colbie!!! I don’t know if you ever read your comments on here, but you help me with SO many things in life…I wish I could see you!!!

  4. Danny

    Very clever version of Breakeven/Fast Cars…Luved it! I have written a really good song that would be an awesome tune for Colbie to do….Hopefully she reads this..(it may need to be capo’d up for her beautiful voice)

  5. Tom

    I really love listening your love songs!! You make me feel the you touch our hearts, I mean, every feeling has got its own song, and all of yours touches me so deeply;

  6. C.C. Alma

    Hi Colbie. I finished up treatments for breast cancer about a year ago, and I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH

  7. C.C. Alma

    Hi Colbie. I finished up treatments for breast cancer about a year ago, and I wanted to say thank you, so much, for your happy, mellow music. I listened to you everytime I sat in the chemotherapy chair, and your music made me feel relaxed and strong. And I’m doing well now!

  8. Nitschewa Borislawa Borissowa

    Dear Colbie,

    I love and enjoy your songs and music as your fan.

    With best wishes and regards,

    Good Luck.

  9. Damion

    So bringing my very pregnant wife to see you for the 9TH! time tonight in Riverside from Orange county – Nothing makes her happier than seeing you and your shows.
    I think we should get a stamp card so the next one’s free! haha :)

  10. Chad Stainback

    I love her music it makes me want to b in love again with my best friend but haven’t found her yet :-( :-( keep up the good songs Colbie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Rita Peixoto

    Hi Colbie :)
    I’m from Portugal, and I LOVE YOUR songs and your beautiful voice. I listen your songs EVERY SINGLE DAY; they help me to overcome difficult days . I just wanna be like you! you’re perfect :)

    xoxo :)

  12. Brian

    Love your music. My wife and I got married last May on the beach in Avila Ca. After they announced us we played “brighter then the Sun”. Just then the sun broke through and the 200 people watching from the pier went crazy. I will never forget your/ our song till the day I die. Thank you!

  13. destiny clifton

    i love you I am 12 and just am in love with everything you do and sing you are my role model one day I hope to be a miniature you I love to sing and every one says I have a beautiful voice

  14. Kaitlyn

    Hi Colbie! I have to thank you for helping so much through life! Your songs inspire me and help me so much. They have helped me realize many wonderful things in life that I may have not realized as a young adult. It would be my dream to come see you perform in Pennsylvania! Once again, thank you!

  15. Matt

    I came across Colbie by pure chance and have been hooked ever since, how are you not well known over here in the UK I wil never know :)

  16. Sean

    WOW!!! what an incredible girl… and an OUT OF THIS WORLD voice… thanks for working so hard and becoming so GREAT… I just heard you for the first time today singing the cover ‘I want you back’ via PAND@ORA radio, wow is all I can say… you rock girl!

  17. Graeme

    Colbie Caillat is so freaking awesome! Beautiful person and voice, so excited for her new album! Keep it up, you’re super great and I’m your biggest fan!! :) (Also, come to Dallas and do a concert, pleaseee!)

  18. Steve

    Love your music, Colbie. God has truly blessed you with the gift that is music. You’re lovely, too, by the way. Will you and your band ever make it Texas way, particularly Corpus Christi, which is where my wife and I reside, or even San Antonio, sometime in the not-to-distant future? It be great to see you in concert someday. Till then, keep the music coming and keep it classy as only you can. Best wishes to you and yours. Blessings.



  20. Jim

    I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine by attending Game 3 of the World Series this year in St. Louis with my two sons, and was so moved by the rendition of the National Anthem that was sung by Colbie that night. Once I heard that voice, I knew this was no ordinary game and this certainly was no ordinary singer. Fantastic job, and you have a new fan.

  21. Amanda

    Realize is my absolute favourite . . . I first heard of you throught Taylor Swift’s song Breathe. Absolutely love the music you make!!!

  22. Sabrina

    Hey Colbie I love every single song you have written and I wish you would come to Boston so I could see you live!!!!!

  23. Isabela

    You NEED to get back to Brazil! It passed 4 years since your first and last visit and I was there! COME BACK SOON! PLEEEASE! S2

  24. Gareth Margerison

    Hi. Me and my fiancee love listening to your music. So much so that your song “you got me” we made “our” song. Ive been trying to find out if you’ve got a slower version slow we can have our first dance to at our wedding next year. Please could you point me in the right direction. Xxx

  25. John

    Wow, you have a great voice. I was so memorized by your upbeat music and the settings in which you do your songs. It reminds me of where I grew up. Best of luck in years to come.

  26. Loren Keister

    I am just sitting back and listing to your Breakthrough album and I just wanted you to know it was mixed great and your amazing voice is put up front where it truly belongs! We would love to take in one of your shows when you make it to the North Western States or Canada. Keep up the great work! CHEERS!

  27. Beatriz Filipini

    Colbie hi, I’m a fan of his and wanted to wish you much success! You are wonderful .. and his songs bring peace to the listener .. Always keep so! Kisses!

  28. Jeff

    Not only is your voice truly a beautiful instrument you are a beautiful stunning woman. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  29. Steve Fineberg

    I’m a fan, but you are my daughter’s absolute favorite. We hope to see you at Live in the Vineyard which is less than an hour away.


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